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NBLL FAQ-- Applies to both Baseball and Softball

What are the ages and costs to play in NBLL?

For Spring 2020:
Ages 5-6 = Tball: $50
Ages 6-9 = Rookies: $100
Ages 9-11 = Minors*: $185
Ages 10-12 = Majors*: $185
Ages 12-13 = Intermediates*: $185
Ages 14-16 = Seniors: $185
*Ages in Minors, Majors and Intermediates varies slightly based on skill and safety. Assessments could play your child in a lower or higher division.
Due to the cancellation of the Spring 2020 season, returning players are eligible for a discount which is embedded within registration based on the division they register for.

What are the registration deadlines for NBLL?
Tball and Rookies Registration closes March 16th at midnight.
Minors, Majors, Intermediates and Seniors registration closes February 26th at 5pm.

What is the season for tball and rookies?
The tball and rookies season runs from early April through late May. Anticipate 3 events a week, either games or practices.

What are the season dates for minors, majors, intermediates and seniors (often referred to as draftable divisions)?
The draftable division season runs from about the 3rdr or 4thtweek in March through the end of the Boise School district school year. Our goal and philosophy is to be done with baseball the same time school is completed for the year. However, due to weather conditions and potential rain delays, we occasionally have to complete the season the first week in June.

Where do we play?

Check out the information under the Parents Tab, "Baseball Divisional Paths" and "Softball Divisional Paths" for this information.

What is a draftable division?
Draftable divisions are Minors, Majors, Intermediates and Seniors. Draftable divisions mean that your child will attend assessments (not try outs). Assessments help us gauge the skills of all players so that we can create balanced and safe teams. The team draft occurs after assessments where all players are drafted to a division and team.

Who should attend assessments?
All players that are league age 9-13 are required to attend assessments. Assessments will determine the final division in which your player will play.
Players league age 7 and 8 can attend if they would like to potentially be placed in the minors division. Any 7 and 8 year olds that do not attend assessments will automatically be placed in rookies. As a note, very few 7 and 8 year olds are moved to minors after assessments.
Players that are league age 14-16 do not need to attend assessments as they will all be placed in the Seniors division based on their age.
Determine your league age by clicking this link:
League Age

When are assessments held?
Assessments are held two Saturdays in February or early March. Players are assigned a date and time to attend, however accommodations can always be made if the assigned time does not workyou’re your family. Assessments provide coaches, division directors and the board an opportunity to see each player catch, field and throw a baseball. This allows us to place players in the correct division and team based on skills. Our goal is to always create balanced and safe teams.

Do coaches attend any training?

Coaches attend Safety training, Rules Training and also Positive Coaching Alliance Training. Parents are also required to follow the Positive Coaching Alliance fundamentals and agree to treat players and coaches with respect. Find more information on the NBLL coaching philosophies and techniques Positive Coaching Alliance.
You can also see the parent and coach contracts regarding PCA by clicking these links:

Is anyone in NBLL paid?
No, every person that is part of NBLL is a volunteer per Little League International regulations. Volunteers at all levels of the organization are needed and appreciated.