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Feb, 2022

Tball and Rookies FAQ

How do I register my child to play in North Boise Little League?

Go to our website at

You will need to create a parent account by clicking on "register" in the upper right corner of the website.  You will input your parent info and then add your kiddo as a player, fill out all the needed information. You will have the option to select the division that is most appropriate to their league age.

To see more about our divisions go to Parentsà Baseball or Softball Divisional Paths. This link will also take you to a site to calculate your players league age.

How much does it cost?
Tball is $75 for the spring season.
Rookies is $100 for the spring season.

What is the difference in Rookies and Tball?
Tball is geared for kids 4-6. These players learn the very basics of the game. We want the kids the have a great time getting to know new friends, learning to run from base to base, the very basics of using a baseball glove.

Rookies is coach or machine pitch. Kids are generally ages 6-8, with a few 9 year old kids depending on their grade level. Kids are still learning the basics of the game but have more ability based on their age to hit and catch the ball.  Kids spend 1-2 years in rookies, depending on what age they are when they start rookies. All players aged above 9 are in minors, majors, intermediates or seniors.

With all divisions, we are developing a love for the game.  We want kids to have fun and want to come back year after year and grow up and move up in the league.

What about volunteering?
Little League International requires all leagues to operate as 100% volunteer organization. 

Volunteering is needed on all levels. Coaches, umpires, score keeping and field maintenance are all specific roles that are needed within the league.  But every type of support is also needed, especially for the younger divisions.  Bringing snacks, helping keep kids on the bench during games, assisting with running warm ups or practices are crucial.  And even just helping keep the gear gathered or helping the coach carrying it to their car is appreciated. 

For the younger divisions (tball and rookies), the coaches at this level really just need parent support because they are also volunteering and wrangling ten 5 to 8 year olds is a lot of work.

What is provided with registration?
As a league, we supply all bats, helmets and balls for all practices and games.  If your child wants to have their own bat for home, practice or games that is just fine and he is welcome to bring it.  Just note that often when you bring your own bat the bats will generally get shared among the whole team during games and practices.  It is a bit of a cultural thing across the league, any bats that are brought to the game are usually shared with everyone on the team. 

Your registration also includes team shirts and hats.  These are yours to keep.

What items does my tball or rookies player need for practice and games?  
Baseball pants. Sport pants are ok in tball. No shorts.
Baseball glove.

Cleats. Tennis shoes are ok at tball level.

When will we know our team, coach and schedule?
About a week to 10 days after registration closes we will notify you of your team and coach.  The coach might reach out directly, or we as a board will help.  Teams and schedules will be set after registration closes as we do not know the number of players we have until registration is closed.  We try to allocate kids by school for tball and rookies.  We do our very best to accommodate requests, but it isn’t always possible.  Tball and Rookies are the only divisions we allocate by school and can take special requests in.  All the divisions above tball and rookies are draftable, meaning your player gets put in a draft pool to be drafted to a team by our volunteer coaches.

Can I make requests on which nights we practice or when our games are?
No.  The NBLL board works with the coaches to set all practices and game times.  We have many teams we are balancing. 

 How can I be updated on a regular basis of things happening in the league?
Make sure your email is up to date in your parent account. You will create this parent account when you register your child for NBLL.  We will use this email on an ongoing basis and year to year to notify you of opening of registration, league news and other opportunities.

You can also “like” our Facebook page.
We try to set reminders and update the page on a regular basis.